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Accounting System Consultancy & Supervision

Respond Every Specific Demand

Why is accounting system consultancy and supervision needed?
During the production and business operation, accounting - tax is the important, complicated matter and company need a support of tax consultant in order to:
Tax Optimization 
Optimize tax, avoid penalty and tax arrears because of failure of grasping the stipulations in time or understanding the stipulations incorrectly.
Accounting Book Checking
A staff of experienced accountant - tax personnel is necessary to check whether the books, tax reports are in accordance with the stipulations or not.
Arisen Problem Settlement
Represent as authorized to settle the matters of tax, procedures of asking for receiving incentive tax, tax remission, tax reduction, tax debate and tax deduction

Accounting System Consultancy & Supervision

Doing Business with Smartwork

SmartWork accounting service is incessantly inheritable, stably developed and sustainable.
The staff of professional, devoted accountants support the customers with checking, managing the books system, tax report in accordance with the laws.
Optimize tax, avoid penalty and tax arrears because of failure of grasping the stipulations in time or understanding the stipulations incorrectly.
Ready to represent the company to work with authorities so that the company focuses on its core business.

Accounting System Consultancy & Supervision

Who should use this service?

As newly established, the staff of accountants is not stable.
Occur problems that need to be adjusted
Need a professional aid of tax settlement
Need to re-check and adjust the accounting system

Accounting System Consultancy & Supervision Service

For Every Specific Demand

  • Tax consultancy & tax penalty

    • Valid and invalid invoices
    • Issue invoices and deal with mistakes, losses
    • Account the difference between tax and accounting
    • Deal with violations on tax - invoices
    • Types of books needed.

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  • Value added tax

    • Consult tax rate of goods, service
    • Consult ways to declare and submit reports
    • Consult conditions that the invoices are deducted.
    • Consult procedure of tax debate
    • Consult procedure of tax debate

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  • Corporate income tax

    • Consult to minimize payable corporate income tax
    • Consult valid logic expense
    • Consult valid invoices when calculating tax
    • Consult to declare quarterly reports, annual settlement
    • Consult income with tax-exemption, tax reduction

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  • Individual income tax
    • Consult to minimize payable individual income tax
    • Consult tax-exempted, tax-reduced accounts
    • Consult monthly, quarterly reports, annual closing settlement
    • Consult ways to calculate individual income tax from 02 places and more
    • Consult tax debate procedures

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  • Export-import tax

    • Classify taxable goods, services
    • Consult tax calculation methods
    • Determine taxable price, exchange rate, tax rate
    • Tax remission, tax debate and tax arrears
    • Consult to minimize export-import tax

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  • Supervise accounting system

    • Check documents, book system
    • Complete document, report system
    • Control - consult financial statements and annual closing settlement
    • Support with explanation when settling tax
    • Ensure the management stability, continuity

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