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System of "Branded gift"

Clever way of brand reminder 

What do customer think about the branded gifts?
Customers usually feel of being cared and consider the gift as the grateful words from the brand they believe in.
The gift reminds brand
A useful gift will contribute in leaving long impression and reminding the brand in customers' memory
The gift speeds up brand impetus
Promotional gift plays an significantly important role in communicating and developing the brand
The gift promote brand
The receivers who get the gifts use, like, believe and contribute into popularizing the brand to other potential customers

Foreign-affair gift

System of products

Metal symbol, crystal symbol
Metal medal, crystal medal 
Medal, badge
✓Set of gifts (bag, pen, namecard box, key ring,…)
Set of desk gifts (pen holder, namecard box, clock, desk calendar)

Promotional gift

System of products

Ceramic cup, glass cup, paper cup, thermal cup (printed with logo, image)
Ceramic plate, glass plate, crystal plate (printed with logo, image)
Pen, fountain pen, notes
Desk calendar, wall calendar
Ash tray, bottle-opener, key ring
Clock, T-shirt, raincoat, hat
Hand umbrella, outdoor umbrella

Advantages and disadvantages of "Branded gift"

● One of useful marketing weapons with low cost.
● The emissary which always be present next to its owner and always reminds the brand
●Branded gift is not only valuable for advertising for customers but also helps employees with getting more motivation to work and devote
● If the designed contents on the gifts are not harmonized, they will cause converse response and customers easily feel that they are taken advantage to be the "mobil advertising" tree for company

Procedure of "Branded gift" design  

Completion of every details 

Discuss, propose solutions, design trends suitable with the partner's demand
Confirm the requirements, sign the contract and agree to pay by instalments
Based on the requirements and provided photos, contents, seek for design idea and orientation. 
Partner tests, approves the proposed project, SmartWork adjusts more 3 times to complete.
Partner tests, approves if the design meets the requirements and pays for entir remaining cost. 
Complete the design package, applied procedure and execute hand-over process

"Branded gift"

Handed over product

SmartWork hands over:
Hand over files formatted jpg, Corel Drawn or Adobe Iiustrator
One CD disk saves all designes formatted JPG, Corel Drawn or Adobe Iiustrator

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