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Cho thuê nhân viên đại diện tphcm

Sharing Office, Showroom & Staff

Sharing Resources - Sharing Expenses

In Vietnamese business relationship, customers always trust more on real person, like to check products with their touching, seeing, trying, ect. and thus makes big challenge for online business or trial market entry with low financial resouces.
Solving this problem, Smartwork has made business environment for online and offline support responding to startup specific demand:
  • Business
  • Time
    & finance
  • Showroom
    & office
  • business

Combination of Online & Offline Support

Genuine Relationship in Virtual Environment

Client Representative
Professional and polite staffs represent client to meet client 's customers and solve arisen problems as delegated.
Professional Support
Supporting staffs deal delegated tasks with deliberation, making representative appearance a great value.
Sharing Resources
All business comforts are available for use: shared lobby, working place, meeting room, projector, etc.
Sharing Expenses
Saving money while running a effective business can help SME come over hard beginning challenges for business development.

Who Needs The Service Of
Offline business support ?

Online business companies in need of convenient office, polite showroom, to exhibit products and sale staff to support daily business transaction.
FDI Enterprises in need of a temporary office staff for representative office or branch in Vietnam.
Tourist areas, resorts, companies from other provinces in need of professional representative staff for project in HCMC.
Start-up in need of business trial or researching a new market entry at low expense.
Company at-home-office or away from Business central district in need of preresentative staff to transact with customer in centre of HCMC.

Compilation between
Private & Shared Staff

Stable - Professional

Monthly Salary- At lease 5.000.000 VND- from 500.000 - 2.000.000 VND
All kind of insurance- 26,5% of wage- Total insurance = 0
Loyalty- Higher incomes need
- New challenge need
- Always customer need
- Customer is always right
Stability- Off by sickness or maternity  
- Annual off …
- Replacement available
ObjectivityDissatisfied employees would cause:
- Business not in good run
- Business in harm
- For benefits of both side
- Following professional ethics
Professionlaity Depending on:
- Employees self-esteem
- Working environment
- Professionalism and experience
Responsibility Depending on:
- Employees self-esteem
- Working environment 
- Observe the professional ethics
Investment- offices, computers, software for Sales,HR, Accounting, etc.- No need to invest
Change update- Undefined- Compulsory by smartwork
Authority Relationship- Undefined- In good relation with authorities
- Proposing optimal solution for problem
Availability- Support other tasks if needed- Not available in place

Suitability- Medium & Large Company
- Enterprise with complicated transaction 
- Start-up business
- Small Company
- Online business
- Company from other provinces entering HCMC markett

What can a shared staff support ?

Virtually everything in Business transaction
Email, phone answer
Service consulting
Sample, Inventory control
Sale representative
Market report
HR recruitment
Prospect follow-up
Liabilities management
Schedule setup
Order processing
File,data management
Office taskinOffice taskingg
After-sale service
Daily business activities
Smartwork acknowledges that every customer have every specific demand.
That is why we need your demand discussion so that we can customize solution to your specific need, to free you from daily tedious tasks,to help you concentrate on your core business activities.

With Smartwork formula1+2+3 = 0
Shared Services
For Good Business
Startup & Growth

Flexible Packages
For Specific Demand
Online & Offline
Marketing Campaign With Great Database Targeting Prospect
● Wasting Money
● Testing Time
● Correction Act
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Director: Nguyen Hoang Vu
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