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Cho thuê nhân viên đại diện tphcm

Business Startup Support

Free utilities & Flexible services of the "Leasing & Sharing Economy" supporting enterprise:
- Good startup at low operation cost.
- Sustainable Success with professional support.


Investment Registration in Vietnam

Turn chance into plan and action

Are you finidng a good partner to accompany you in local dynamic business market? To turn business idea into plan and action?
SmarkWork is one of few one-stop consulting companies that engage in supporting business startup:
✓Outstanding cost fffective.
✓Responding specific demand.
✓Official authority relationship.
✓Harmony in common benefits.

Risk mitigation - Stable development !

SmartWork as a tax agent

Stable - Economy - Professional

Tax Agent is an organization with practice license approved by the General Tax Bureau. Doing business with Smartwork Tax Agent, client deals with:
✓Value over cost.
✓Knowleadge, skill and experience.
✓Authority good relationship.
✓Dealing all related problems.

Choosing tax agent - Avoiding tax risk!

Shared office & Virtual office

Low investment - High utilities

Comfortable working space available for 2-6 staffs for unfrequent use office (only about 2-3 days/month).
✓All business comforts are available for use: shared lobby, working place, meeting room, projector, etc..
✓Professional and polite staffs represent client to meet client 's customers and solve arisen problems as delegated
✓Saving over 70% of office and staffs expense for representative appearance in HCMC center.

Sharing office - Share all utilities

Car for rent

Flexible schedule with quick reponse

Using your own logo outside the car during leasing times (above 7 continiously leasing days)
✓Using car as your own, sharing costs for real-time usage, reducing cost significantly comapred with buying car for your own.
✓Using Toyota Camry brand with full utilities and luxurious interior suitable for all business styles.

Camry Take - Taxi Rate !

Advertising design

The effective weapon of all marketing plans 

Printed advertising design is an important part in highlighting the strong points of company and products to the targeted customers. So, the company usually offer strict requirements when selecting partners to make it:
✓Easy to attract. 
✓Easy to impress.
✓Easy to remember.

Good impression hardly-fade

Flexible website packages

Responding to every specific demand

Doing business online is one of core activities deciding the success or failure of Company. At Smartwork, we have built up full website support system:.
✓From good idea,
✓To great design,
✓To complete suitable contents

Turning web into gold

Good content - Frequent update

Turning web browser into loyal customer
A website with pretty layout, abundant content, suitable with potential customers are prerequisite conditions for the website to operate effectively. Let Smartwork:
✓Making content for targeted prospect. 
✓Making every page for specific purpose.
✓Making website to be a good sales executive.

Turning web into gold!

Total marketing solution

7 Steps to success

Marketing is one of core activities deciding business success or failure. Choosing suitable approach with good channels can make it:
✓Increasing website traffic.
✓Increasing brand awareness.
✓Optimizing investment return.

Creating sustainable success foundation

Tim30s.com - Matching business partner

Connecting partner - Connecting commerce - Connecting employment

When you search enterprises, partners, jobs, events, etc. in any specific province in Vietnam: 
✓Google lists 1- 2 millions of little meaning results  
✓Tim30s.com lists some hundreds of exact results ... in 30s
✓Tim30s.com is a complete supplement to Google in Vietnam.

When Google fails, Tim30s finds!

428, Dien Bien Phu Street, District 10, HCMC
Tel: (028) 38 329 529
Fax: (028) 38 329 579
Hotline: 0933 365 999 (English Speaking)
Email: marketing@smartwork.vn
Director: Nguyen Hoang Vu
Commerical certificate No.0310572550, announce at 01 Nov 2011,
by Ho Chi Minh Planning and Investment Department
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