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Brand Identity System

Answer for 3 key problems

  • "Who we are?"

    Improve customer's awareness of companiy, product, and service with a good CIP system.
  • "What we do?"

    CIP shows the brand typical characteristics, impacting on customers' awareness of brand capability.
  • "What makes difference?"

    CIP with integrability and consistency creates distinctive features, distinguishing brand from others.

Essential role of CIP 

Corporate Identity Program (CIP) is everything bringing aware image of companies or products to customers, investors,partners and employees.
A good CIP will be convincing and highly attractive, impressing on customers the professional and distinctive brand-image.
CIP plays a big part in gaining customer's trust when using products and survices.
CIP helps customers increase value of companies and amount of sales.

Frequent Tips

For Corporate Identity Program

A strong CIP needs to have:
Difference: create a customer awareness clearly
Correlation: Connect customer demand tightly
Connection: between message and action 
Preference: is the final result of respect reserved by customers 

Corporate Identity Program

System of products 

Brand name, logo and slogan
Office documents: Folder, Letterhead, Envelope, Name Card, MS Template, Email Template, CD Cover,…
Build up internal brand: uniform, reception counter, working module, instruction board,...
Outdoor advertising: signboard, gonfalon, standee, banner, pano, poster…
Branded gifts: pen, paper bag, T-shirt, hat, raincoat, campaign medal, desk calendar,…
Event communication: invitation letter, backdrop, stage, Press Conference,… 
Online Media : website, banner flash, banner web, landing page,…
Printed advertising: catalogue, brochue, leaflet, envelop, label, stamp, decal,…

Why SmartWork?

Outstanding advantages

Staffs as experts

  • The personnel of SmartWork are the specialists of technique and marketing, interested in market - customer - investment effectiveness.
  • Instead of aking how logo your company wants, SmartWork consults you what your logo needs to create distintction

Professional service 

  • The projects of SmartWork are deployed in conformity with a tight procedure with the participation of the brand and creative experts.
  • Several design packages with flexibly will meet customers' own specific demand, and thus provide best value versus expense.

Accompany with development

  • Business relation is not terminated when the project is complete. Instead, we continues accompanying clients with free facilities and long-term support
  • SmartWork commits to consult for the sustainable development of both parties.

Deployment Procedure

Of The Corporate Identity Program (CIP)

  • Reception
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Hand over
  • Reception
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Hand over
  • Requirement acceptance

    • Discuss, propose solutions, design trends suitable with each business line
    • Discuss product categories that need to be designed in corporate identity program 
    Agree work progress rate, payment progress rate
  • Research and analysis

    Research, analysize operational fields, products' charateristics
    Research developmental target, mission, vision and core value
    Draft design idea presenting the value of company through the corporate identity program
  • Design and protection

     Orient the design based on the requirements, provided contents 
    Present the ideas under the form of systematical desiged image and icons, which are presented thoroughly, flexibly and logically
    • Preliminarily research the capacity of invaluable brand protection

  • Product Hand-over

    All of designed items are arranged into basic groups
    The completed design set consists of all factors of design, color and material 
    Consult ways to use co-ordinately and bring the design set into practical application

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