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Enterprise legal consultancy

Lower Legal Risk - Avoid Commercial Dispute


    In organization of internal structure & operation of enterprise

    Help enterprise to take legal initiative in all business operations

    To protect enterprise to changes of market

    Approach state's policy, master law for stable development

Smartwork 's Commitment

Support for customer own's benefit

Professional in necessary legal services related to activities of customer business, investment and support in any stage and time.
Optimize finance for merger and acquisition
(M&A) process,creating attraction to customers

Build roadmap of development with high flexibility high allows customer quickly response to changes in business environment with plenty of changes.
Accompany, develop with enterprise during the process of formation, building & stable development of enterprise.

Enterprise Legal
Consulting Service

Multual development

Consult split, merger, acquisition and incorporation of enterprise~ 4.500.000 Apply for normal procedures, settlement period according to law
Frequent legal consultancy for enterprise~ 3.500.000 Consult and solve arisen legal matters for enterprises
Consult negotiation, drafting of contract
~ 5.000.000 

Draft the content of contract upon customer's request, ensure legality of content, form of contract
Consult to solve internal dispute among shareholders/company's members
~ 5.000.000 

Solve arisen conflicts: dispute in assets, capital contribution, profit

Consult enterprise's internal management

~ 5.000.000 

Consult optimal solutions of enterprise management, policies on salary, bonus with team of staff ect..
Private lawyer for enterprise~ 5.000.000 Appoint a lawyer to directly take part in arisen tasks/cases to consult and solve them
Consult to build, draft enterprise's operation regulations~ 10.000.000Build internal management regulation upon request, nature of the enterprise

Supply information of enterprise finance

~ 4.000.000 

Supply financial report for latest year of enterprises operating in the whole countries
Reports are summarized and analized on the basis of accurate and legal sources
The above fee can be changed for each specified stage and period
The price above can be change depending on optinal case and period of time

Enterprise Legal Consultancy

Intensive Service Support

General & intensive in commercial law, corporate law
Scheme of cooperation, business
Location & scheme of lease/purchase to suit targets
Legal procedures and norms of environment protection
Consultancy on brand and brand franchise
Enterprise merger and acquisition (M&A)
Legal consultancy on operation process of investment project
Negotiate, draft contract, company regulations
Solve commercial disputes
Update latest law documents

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Startup & Growth

Flexible Packages
For Specific Demand
Online & Offline
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Director: Nguyen Hoang Vu
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