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Google Adwords

High Effect for All Budgets


    Possible to determine right group of targets interested in products


    Communicate advertising message to customers rapidly, effectively

    Customize advertising display for each target, area, moment

    Gain maximum effect for all allocated advertising budget

Consulting Google Adwords Advertising

Attentive matters when selecting partners

  • Obtained effect

    Not only acknowledge matters regarding beauty, ugliness, right technique, cost but also exploitation ability with high investment effect after a short time.
  • Transparent cost

    Honestly consult, analyzeand report the effect, quality score, exact amount paid to Google  as a basis for managing and heighteningkeyword advertising effect
  • All-in solution

    All-in Google Adwords advertising consultancy from market analysis, keyword selection to website optimization to heighten quality score, reduce advertising expense
  • Market research

    Research, consult, select competitive market, ensure successful ability ofeach Adwords advertising
  • Business effect

    Meet information searching demand of each targeted customer, increase the quantity of customers, sales and profit.
  • Top 10 Google

    Selection of right keywords, website optimization and good content are premises to reduce expenses but still on Top 3 or first page of Google
  • Raise quality score

    Consult skills to select keywords, advertising contents, help raising quality score for website to reduce expenses for Google advertising
  • Content compilation

    Good contents contribute to improve company’s image, make the website browsing customers become potential customers

Commitment of LVTM

Sustainable development on basis of common benefits: 
Right awareness of Google expense algorithm to find measure for reducing Google Adwords advertising expense
Keyword selection offers high investment effect
Re-optimize the website to raise quality score, reduce expenses
Re-optimize the contents to turn website browsing customers into potential customers

Google Adwords Advertising

Need-to-know matters


    • Determine keywords that you want to advertise
    • Register keyword advertising with Google/agent
    • The advertising will appear on Google when customers search registered keywords
    • Every time the customers click on your advertising on the result page, you have to pay an corresponding amount to Google

    • Competitive rate of keywords
    • The number of customers clicking on advertising
    • Value keywords for each website based on quality score
    • With the same 10 quality scores, different keywords will pay different costs. The lower quality score is, the higher cost is, sometimes, such difference is 10 times.

    • The Advertising's ranking depend on 2 elements: bid price for each keywork and its qualify score
    • Qualify score of each keyword connect tightly to advertising content
    • The higher qualify score of keywork, the higher advertising's ranking on Google. Together, the lower expense for Google

    • Help to get right awareness of cost calculation algorithm of Google to find ways for minimizing Google Adsword advertising expenses
    • Help selecting keywords with high investment effect. Optimize website to raise quality score, reduce cost. Re-optimize the contents to turn website browsing customers into potential customers.
    • Re-optimize the contents to turn website browsing customers into potential customers

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