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Service of advertising publication

Quick access – Low cost – High effect

Advertising publication is a new online marketing form, posting the advertising contents of products and services on hundreds of websites with a lot of targeted customers in order to create chance for the targeted customer know and use the products and service more. At SmartWork, we guarantee that the advertising will posted with the appropriateness among the contents of articles for each website and correlative column. This will help the readers with avoiding uncomfortableness and the posted articles will not be erased because they are not spams.

    The advertising contents of products, services are posted on hundreds of websites. Create chance for the targeted customers to know and use the products and services.

    Access the targeted customers according to each classified advertisement website quickly while traditional marketing way must waste much time to do.

    The cost is much lower, especially for the small enterprises with less advertising fund.

    Product and service popularization associated with links redirecting to your website will help with increasing the amount of customers access.

Attentive matters

In order to post advertisement effectively

  • Create difference

    Not only consider matters regarding of beauty, ugliness, precise technique, low cost but also exploitation to offer high investment effect in a short time.
  • All-in solution

    Consult to post all-in advertising from selection of website lists with special columns which area suitable with business line to complete compilation
  • Market research

    Research, take advice of experts to select competitive markets, to ensure successful abillity of each advertising campaign. .
  • Business effect

    Rightly select service packages which meet the demand of each targeted customer, increase the number of customers, sales and profit.
  • Content compilation

    Advertisement has eye-catching layout with prominent images and attractive title to turn website browsing customers into loyal customers.
  • Cost saving 

    Posted advertising form will help you saving cost but still getting high effect, suitable with the demand of each individual, enterprise.
  • Effective selection
    of keyword

    Assess the market demand with competitive rate in order to analyze, select keywords effectively in a short term as well as in long term.
  • Good marketing

    Advertisements need to be inserted links to company’s website, helping increasing the rank of website on Google search engine.

Advertisement Posting Solution of SmartWork

Unlike most of companies which are descended from informatics technology specialized in techniques that can post only classified advertisements under the primary form of Spam on the websites, other forums but do not care quality of posted articles, SmartWork is a company specialized in techniques and marketing to support you:
Research, find out the products, market demand, competitors
Re-compile the contents with attractive title, eye-catching display layout
Set up link connection systems to increase rank on Google
Optimize keywords, insert the links to customers’ website
Optimize the conversion from browsing to potential customers….
Put information on the leading electronic commerce websites of Vietnam
The quickestadvertising time advertising time
Weekly reports will help you check history and measure the effect of advertisement posting.

Service of advertising publication

Benefits when using services of SmartWork

Reasonable cost

Compared to traditional marketing, online advertisement posting solution spends less cost much, especially suitable with small companies with less advertising fund.
Effective link

The advertisement posting service of SmartWork supports you to set up links naturally. If your post is viewed by several viewers, it also means that the chance of sale is increased.
Approach market

The advertisement posting service of SmartWork supports you to approach the targeted customers exactly into the specialized websites; the time of keeping posts is maximized to have the most readers with reasonable cost.

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