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Print advertising design

The effective weapon of all marketing plans 

Frequent requirements in print advertising design
Printed advertising design is an important part in highlighting the strong points of company and products to the targeted customers. So, the company usually offer strict requirements when selecting partners.
Professional, prestigeous service 
The staff of designers and editors have thorough knowledge, lot of experiences and ensure to consult for the synchronous benefits of two parties.
Lively, impressive publication 
The staff of designers and editors have thorough knowledge, lot of experiences and ensure to consult for the synchronous benefits of two parties.
Reasonable and flexible cost 
To meet diverisfied demands with various flexible service packages, reasonable cost and effective consultancy support within the fixed advertising budget. 

Design the "Print advertising"

System of products:
Catalogue: presents the photos, detailed information of products, significantly contributes in the making of decision of customers.
Profile: The document introduces company, presents the competence, profession and stature of company 
Brochure – Flyer: The effective weapons for marketing, highlighting the strong points of products, contributing in offering profit to company
Poster: popularizes the brand, introduces the products, propagates company's message to the potential customers.

Print advertising
Strong points

The advertising form is simple, easy to implement with low cost .
May be changed flexibly according to time, to each campaign 
Be used commonly and accepted by crowded customers 
Especially effective when approaching right targets on special occasions such as opening, inauguration or in the promotional campaign 

Print advertising

Weak points

Weak points:
The information is easy to be thrown or skimmed by customers.
Only effective in a short time of advertising.
The quality of photos and colors is not the same with the design, depending much on the printing technology of each printing company.

Procedure of "Print advertising" design 

Completion of every details

Discuss, propose solutions, design trends suitable with the partner's demand
Confirm the requirements, sign the contract and agree to pay by instalments
Based on the requirements and provided photos, contents, seek for design idea and orientation. 
Partner tests, approves the proposed project, SmartWork adjusts more 3 times to complete.
Partner tests, approves if the design meets the requirements and pays for entir remaining cost. 
Complete the design package, applied procedure and execute hand-over process

"Print advertising"

Handed over product

SmartWork hands over:
Hand over files formatted jpg, Corel Drawn or Adobe Iiustrator
One CD disk saves all designes formatted JPG, Corel Drawn or Adobe IIustrator

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