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Search engine optimization

Long-term Effect – Sustainable Business

SEO – abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing the text contents and website format so that the search engines can seek and select the most suitable websites serving for the seekers on Internet. Simply, SEO is a combination of methods in order to raise the website to TOP 10 positions in the result page of search engines.

    SEO is a supportive tool to put website on Top 10 of search results in order to access right customers at right time of demand.

    The fact that website is apppeared in Top 10 of search results will offer ever-increasing source of website visitors.

    Depending on the quality of products and services, the quantity and quality of website visitors will become sales and profit.

    The rising of ranking and the rank of Website creates belief, prestige for both customers seeking services and potential partners.

Search engine optimization

Attentive matters for effective SEO

  • Page title

    Declare page title tab of website briefly, concisely, uniquely on each webpage. The search engines highly appreciate Page Title tab.
  • Descriptive tab

    The summary of website contents must be brief, concise. It is the black text appearing above the link, under the page title in the search result.
  • Keyword

    Notice main keywords of search engine optimization website. This is a way to help search engine quickly understand main content of website.
  • Website URL

    Building static URL or user-friendly and search engine-friendly URL. It does not contain special characters (%, $,…) but looks like directory path in window
  • Website capacity

    Search engine will store website contents in its own Server. So, if the smaller (under 100kB) website capacity is it, the better to storing and scanning information search engine
  • Set up Backlink

    It is the exchange of links, construction of connections to other websites. This exchange is based on the exchange with the websites with the same contents, topics and good quality will get higher effect.
  • Submit into website

    The most famous and necessary web directories are of Google, Yahoo. At present, Google does not highly appreciated declaration into the web directories because later and later, the quality of web directories becomes lower, some web directories must pay.
  • Build up contents

    Content is King. Search engine is created to serve the seekers on Internet, so the content is the most interested thing. The websites with abundant contents are always on the Top.
  • Keyword selection

    It is how to select keywords suitable with the contents of website, with the search of users. Keywords are used to support the search engines. So, selection of precise, right keywords is a significantly important step, it decides the success of SEO campaign.

Total SEO process

Modification of Each Stage

  • 1
    • The consultants of SmartWork exchange, accept specific requests of customers via email, telephone or direct meeting at the office.
    • Customers provide list of keywords for SEO.
  • 3
    • The consultants of SmartWork will analyze customers’ website:
    • - SEO standard actual situation of website?
    • - User navigation level?
    • - The logic of website’s structure?
  • 5
    • Build up SEO standard structure: static URL, sitemap, title tabs, description, heading, images,…for website
    • Add necessary administrative tools (Google analytics, Google webmaster)
  • 7
    • Write texts, summarize SEO standard texts from title to layout of texts, images, anchor text, build internal link.
    • Build up backlink the second time (if necessary)
  • 2
    • SmartWork studies, analyzes keywords (competitive level, searching turns,…) and sends detailed SEO quotation (TOP 5, TOP 10)
    • Two parties agree to sign the contract and pay (30% for stage 1, 30% for stage 2, 40% for stage 3)
  • 4
    • The staffs of SmartWork use SEO technical tools to analyze direct competitors.
    • Assess the strong points and weak points of competitors to optimize customers’ websites better
  • 6
    • The SEO technicians of SmartWork comply with the principles of building links for customer’s websites: diversification of anchortext, link, links of the same industry, dofollow, high PR, DA rate….
  • 8
    • Assess keywork ranks in defined time, measure the number of visit, effective channels, sources…
    • Check the defects, places that need to adjust, supplement if the results are unqualified.

Commitments of SmartWork

Sustainable development based on common benefits

Find out market demand, assess investment return
Assess, select keywords, offering investment return in short time and long time
Re-optimize the website in order to improve technical competitive capacity 
Re-optimize the contents to make the website browsing customers into potential customers

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