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SMS Marketing

Right Target – Right Message – Right Time

SMS Marketing is an advertising activity aiming to customers by using messages with or without attachment of company brandname/label/product in sender part of message

    Based on several criteria: age, gender, geographical area, career,…

    Based on several criteria in the occasions of Tet holiday, birthday, anniversary,…

    The contents meets the desire, demand of receiving customers

    At right time when the customers need search products, services

SMS trademark

Prominent advantages

Increase the value of company trademark / brand / product
Low cost, rapid sending time and speed
Precise, abundant customer data
The message is sent directly to the targeted customers
High message reading and storing rate, increase trademark awareness
Be the most effective marketing channel, support automatic, professional customer care, and also can measure response of each customer

SMS Marketing

Popular forms of use

Programs on advertising, releasing new products, services
Promotion, discount programs
Customer care, support
Notices on bank transactions, securities, insurance, real estate….
Trademark popularization
Event announcement and arrangement
Customer’s opinion survey, poll

SMS Marketing

Weak and strong points of each form

Message according to number quantityBrandname message
SenderDisplay spam SIM numberDisplay brandname with company’s name, product
Approach right targets
Follow law of Ministry of Communication
Content of messageNền textText background or links of image, sound,….
Integrate online reporting system
Scouting actual situation received account
Ability of customization to make it suitable with several companies

SMS Marketing

Right target & Message

ServiceMobil networkVina networkViettel networkOther network
System installationFree of chargeFree of chargeFree of chargeFree of charge
Creation costFree of chargeFree of chargeFree of chargeFree of charge
Maintenance costFree of charge50,000 dong/month50,000 dong/monthFree of charge
Approval time2-3 weeks2-3 weeks1 week1 week
Cost of sending message / SMS
Customer care brandname420 - 755đ 420 - 755đ420 - 755đ350đ
Advertising brandname480đ480đ480đ 350đ
Advertising according to number quantity260đ260đ300đ 260đ
 Brandname maintenance cost (banking industry) charge of Viettel network: 500,000 d/month
 The above price is excluded of 10% VAT

Commit SMS marketing service

Support for the benefits of customers

The groups of targets that SmartWork may approach includes:
Senior managers – Decision makers
Production enterprise
Trade and service enterprise
Medicine, pharmacy enterprise
High income citizen
Office staffs
Customers shopping at commercial centers
Customers interested in banking services
Customers interested in insurance services
Customers interested in securities
Customers interested in real estate market
✓The above data is classified upon provinces, cities,…....

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