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Social Media Marketing

Community Acceptation – Quick Pervasion


    Enterprise can easily connect, interact bidirectionally and establish relation with customers via social media

    The members accessing social media uninterruptedly share and provide information for each other

    The shared information will speed up the members to continuously share with friends, create quick pervasion effect

    The pervasive effect contributes to popularize products, build a strong brand on social media

Consulting Social Media Marketing

Attentive Matters When Selecting Partners

  • All-in solution

    All-in consultancy from determining purpose to building an advertising campaign and measuring the response directly from community
  • Community research

    Research, grasp thought of Social Media community, as a premise to help with spreading a product to community and accepted by the community
  • Business effect

    Receive positive feedbacks from customers and their introduction to other friends, increasing the brand as well as sales in the future
  • Abundant functions

    Support, consult the use of tools which help sharing the information, popularizing the products, services via movies, online interaction in several ways such as comment, connection…..
  • Set up campaign

    Perform creative, attractive campaigns to get product into customer’s mind, heighten the company’s image, obtain worldwide popularization effect
  • Trademark prestige

    Social Media Marketing creates the trust in such a way that your customer will introduce products to new ones in stead of you do.
  • Sustainable connection

    The connection effect of social media campaign – Social Media Marketing is accumulated by time, helping with building your website better through the cooperation with customers.
  • Support the campaign

    Backlink your website through bookmarks, feeds, SEO…which help building website traffic and increasing force for enterprise communication campaign.

Media marketing service
(Social Media)

Select package upon private demand

Package 1Package 2Package 3
Service creating feeQuotation consultancy
PPC expenseUpon customer’s requests
Daily budgetUpon customer’s requests
Service chargeQuotation consultancy
Service use consultancyQuotation consultancy
Actual using value (USD)110110110
Payable amount (USD)Quotation consultancyQuotation consultancyQuotation consultancy
Your economy7%14%21%

SmartWork’s service commitments

Support for Common Benefits

Help you join in a crowded community
 Take advantage of hundreds of forums, communities with diversified topics to popularize news, products
✓Write message content to communicate message to  each target customer
Utilize existing tools of social media to maximize the advertising effect

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