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Annual Tax Settlement

Error Correction - Penalty Minimization

SmartWork tax settlement service
Tax settlement is a part that decides the number of tax paid to the tax agency, profit-loss operation report within a year of operation. SmartWork tax settlement service is for the demand of: 
Having Incomplete System
Have made monthly tax report but have not made accounting books
Having Inexperienced Accountant
Already have accountant but with few experience, inconfident to make annual tax settlement
Need Accounting Book Checking
The accounting system still has a lot of errors, incorrect with the stipulation of tax law, so it needs to examing, check whole documents.

Commitments of SmartWork Tax Agent

Instead of spending a great amount to paying for penalty for the insignificant mistakes, the company is able to feel secure completely with the tax settlement service of SmartWork Tax Agent with an expense from 4,000,000 dong depending on actual arisen works
Minimize the tax payment and arrears
Provide relevant legal documents
Instruct relevant procedures
Support the skillful and competent chief accountant with being responsible for explanation
Ensure the accuracy of work contents

Note Before Tax Settlement

For Settlement Standard

The company needs to:
Adjust the errors, problems which do not comply with the stipulations of tax law
Adjust the inconsistent, unreasonable accounting data among the entry and the tax reports and financial statements submitted.
Make the accounting book system presenting the details of arisen professions, reflecting the actuality of business operation situation.

SmartWork service of Tax settlement

Caution In Every Detail

Gather the problems related to accounting: accounting policy, accounting form, fixed asset depreciation method, stocks value calculation method.
Generally survey the operation situation of company
Gather, check, classify and arrange the accounting documents
Localize the expenses, documents, invoices that are easy to be ruled out when the tax agency settle
Formalize the expenses without invoices, documents
Enter the accounts into accounting software
Make the accounting books: general journal/document journal/ledger journal/documents far book entry, ledger, detail book, arisen balance sheet…..
Make and submit annual tax settlement to the tax agency
Make and submit annual statistic form, attached with financial statements to the statistic agency
Print the accounting books as stipulated
Close the book and convert to excel file in order to explain with the tax agency when being inspected, settled tax
Bind the document book
With Smartwork formula1+2+3 = 0
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