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Website Content

Provide good content, continuous update

Why website content is important?
A website with pretty layout, abundant content, suitable with potential customers are prerequisite conditions for the website to operate effectively and if you:
Want to save time
Only by entering the news, insert logo, banner, background, flash at right design position, you can bring the website into operation.
Want to save cost:
Help the individuals, companies with getting professional articles with the most economy expense.
Want to have good news source:
Want to have good news source, upgraded continuously in order to convert website browsing visitors into frequent customers.

Service of content compilation

SmartWork 's outstanding advantages

The staff of designers, compilers are dynamic, enthusiastic with modern style 
Have wide range of knowledge, experienced in the profession of website compilation, translation and advertising design..
Highly aesthetic in selecting available photos, putting the photos together and selecting shooting angle in suitable context.
Able to grasp the social tendency, customer's demand rapidly, then compile attractive content.

Service of content compilation

Notes to service using

The article from 500 - 800 words with attractive contents in accordance with SEO standards or common PR text depending on specific demand.
The photos are provided by customer or SmartWork consults to buy on professional websites.
SmartWork can come to the office, factory,… to take photographs of product samples, working environment and production system
The quoted expenses can be changed upon each business line, or arisen according to specific demands.

Data entry service

Save time and expense

ServicePackage APackage BPackage C
Website entry service 6 months / 1 year
Entry articles~10 articles / week~20 articles / week~30 articles / week
Entry products ~8 products / week~16 products / week~24 products / week
Type of source doc, .xls, .jpg, mp3, or other webs...
Size~100 MB~200 MB~300 MB
Reference cost / month500.000đ1.000.000đ1.500.000đ
1 time entry service
Entry articles~40 articles~80articles~120 articles
Entry products ~30 products~60 products~90 products
Type of source doc, .xls, .jpg, mp3, or other webs...
Size~100 MB~200 MB~300 MB
Time~2 days~3 days~5 days
Reference cost500.000đ1.000.000đ1.500.000đ

& Compilation

Pretty photos - Good contents

ServiceReference cost
Service of content compilation
PR - Advertising articlesTừ 300.000đ / article
Speciality articlesDepending on cases / requires
Common articlesTừ 200.000đ / article
SEO articlesTừ 200.000đ / article
Company's profileTừ 500.000đ / article
Service of Compilation & Translation
Compilating Vietnamese article50.000 / A4 page (300 words)
Compilating English articleDepending on cases / requires
Compilating Japanese articleDepending on cases / requires
Translation Vietnamese - EnglishFrom 200.000đ /A4 page (300 words)
Translation English - VietnameseFrom 100.000đ/ A4 page (300 words)
Translation Vietnamese - JapaneseFrom 300.000đ/ A4 page (300 words)
Translation Japanese - VietnameseFrom 300.000đ/ A4 page (300 words)

SmartWork 's Commitment

Support customers' own benefit

Article is compiles as required, content is suitable with target customer, having specific hallmark of each customer:
Compilation, translation is done with right standard, right style, grammar.
The photos are selected, modified beautifully, right context of article
Discuss, adjust the contents in order to satisfy the website visitors 
Flexibly change according to each specific demand of customers.

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