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Notifying & Registering Website
With Ministry of Industry &Trade

Risk Reduction on Online Business


    Notice, register website with Ministry of Industry and Trade which is an obligatory procedure for all website

    Avoid risks of being fined when management agcency carries out periodical inspection.

    Penalty from 10.000.000 – 20.000.000 dong when not notice, register with Ministry of Trade and Industry

    Help enterprise feel secured of operation without any worry of online business

Smartwork 's Commitment

Support for customer own's benefit

Free consultancy, support (to legal requests) for customer during period of service
SmartWork will receive fee when sending sucessfully notice to Ministry of Industry and Trade
Take priority to support, consult customer on periodical report procedures requested by Ministry of Industry and Trade in the first year
Refund fees in accordance with contract's regulations if we perform registration unsuccessfully (this case never occurs)

Notice & Registration

Follow law - Avoid penalty

Notifing websiteSales, Service, introduction of Products, servicesCommond service01 - 02 week800.000 dong
Registering websiteE-commercial promotion, auction floorCommond service01 - 02 month3.000.000 dong
Business Registration Certificate/Investment Certificate/Investment License (to legal entity)
ID Card (to individual)
Individual tax code: SmartWork will register new individual tax code with fee of 150,000 dong/ a case.
SmartWork is just responsible for documents, procedures to register website with Ministry of Trade and Industry and has no responsibility to goods, services, content posted on website by customers
The above time excludes time of document preparation, correction, website modification…or any change of policy law

Notifying & Registering Website
with Ministry of Industry & Trade

Is a "Must" to Vietnam Law

According to Decree No.: 185/2013/NĐ-CP effective since 01/01/2014 specifying forms of penalty: "Penalty from 10,000,000 dong to 20,000,000 dong/ case for one of the following violations:
Buid e-commercial website to sell goods without any notice, registration with state management agency
Not send notice of modification, supplementation in case of any change of information related to website of e-commercial service supply registered with relevant authority

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